Be the person you want to be!

If you feel like your excess weight is impeding your life, you’re not alone. I know how hard it can be to lose weight, and I know how it feels to miss out on things you love as a result. Because I’ve been there, I’ve made it my goal to help others with this dilemma.

You can regain your health, life, and confidence. I want to help you improve your quality of life and get you feeling great again. The Phatt Program is designed to do just that, and I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Why the Phatt Program Works

There’s always a new weight loss fad out there, and it’s hard to know how or why they work. The Phatt Program isn’t like a trendy diet program. It’s a system that rejuvenates your gut, reduces adipose fat, and balances your body.

Here’s why the Phatt Program works:

It Gives You a Jump Start

The first part of the program is designed to jump start the entire Phatt Program process. During the initial steps, your food intake is focused on providing the nutritional support that your body needs to begin burning fat.

The first few days will begin ‘teaching’ your gut to work differently. The regimen designed for the beginning of the program also helps begin the process of detoxifying your gut and the rest of your body.

There are tons of toxins, hormone overloads, and chemicals in our bodies (usually as a result of a less healthy lifestyle). So first, we need to get rid of them and begin putting the good stuff back in. The ‘jump start’ you get ensures your body is functioning at its best from the very beginning of the process.

It Provides Your Body With Essential Balance

The Phatt Program aims to stabilise and improve gut health. By treating the body with a nutrition regimen that nurtures the gut, many other functions of the body begin to balance out. The supplements that you take with the Phatt Program assist in achieving the optimal balance of hormones, metabolism, and blood sugar.

Not only will you feel so much better when these aren’t in flux, but you will also start seeing more dramatic weight loss. Believe me, this is one of the best parts of the program. You’ll feel better, more clear-headed, and much more energetic (thanks in large part to the fat you’re burning).

It Targets the Fat You Need to Lose

Our bodies contain different types of fat, just like we have different kinds of muscle and other tissue. Strange as it may sound, there are certain kinds of fat we don’t really want to lose. Those kinds of fat provide essential padding and protection around organs, as well as support organ function.

The kind of fat we do want to lose is adipose fat. The problem with some diet systems is that they have one general aim: burn fat, any fat. The Phatt Program works by recognizing that getting rid of specific fats requires a specific regimen.

By eliminating foods that encourage adipose fat growth and adding foods that inhibit the growth of this fat, we can get rid of the ‘bad fats.’

Expert Resources and Support

The Phatt Program works and keeps weight off is because of the level of expert support and resources you have at your disposal.

Not only will I help you through your weight loss journey, you’ll also have a community of thousands of other program participants for support.

When you’re looking to lose weight, you want it to stay off.

Our curated resources give you plenty of ideas and motivation, while our community gives the program a fun and engaging social aspect.  


This program focuses on improving your gut health, a long-overlooked component to good health. The Phatt Program creates a nutritional system that gets your entire body to work together to burn fat and achieve balance, all by being centred on working on your gut. Because the program looks at the full scope of internal issues contributing to stubborn fat, it equips your body to burn fat quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve had a long struggle with losing weight, let the Phatt Program be your solution. Life may have made it hard to achieve your health and wellness goals. But I’m passionate about helping people drop unwanted fat and feel great, so let me help you get your life back on track. Contact me today to get started.