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Weight loss and Living with an Illness

Our weight loss program called Ph@tt- Putting Health @ The Top is the last weight loss program you will ever need again in your life. We give you weight loss tips and support that helps you fulfil your dreams of becoming healthy once again.

Your gut is what can hold the secret to good health.


Did you know that 70% of our immune system is in our gut? So it makes sense that by healing our gut, we can impact in a positive way our wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions. Following our Ph@tt weight loss program will help you to achieve your goals.

There are many weight loss programs out there that say they can help you, but we have proof that following the Ph@tt weight loss program will get you your health back and of course lose some weight. We have helped many thousands of people regain their lives back, just like we can help you.

How well your gut functions can have a dramatic impact on how your body copes with a wide variety of chronic health conditions and autoimmune diseases. A correctly functioning gut will also assist in the correct regulation of hormones throughout the body. When you consider the key role the gut has in the overall body, it makes sense that focuses on gut health may improve other health conditions.

Many people live with chronic conditions, caused by hormone imbalances, autoimmune issues and inflammation. Underpinning all of these is the gut.

These conditions can impact all areas of a person’s life. The flow on can be felt in areas with our health and wellbeing, as well as the ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Further, many chronic conditions can actually hamper weight loss efforts. Many weight loss programs simply focus on reducing calories and if the gut is not functioning well, this can have little impact when it comes to dropping the kilos.

How is the Ph@tt program different?

The Ph@tt program focuses on improving gut health. This, in turn, can help balance blood sugar and hormones. The program is a combination of a low-carb, high protein foods,  combined with key supplements that are focused on helping the gut function better. And you do this by eating weight loss friendly foods.

As the body adapts whilst on the program, there will be big changes happening within your body. Your body may be able to better control food cravings, stabilise your blood sugar and most importantly allow hormones to function correctly.

Your body will start to change as a result of burning fat, controlling your food craving and stabilising blood sugar levels and most importantly HORMONES.

As with any change in diet, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before commencing the program. We are able to supply additional information including product fact sheets that you can share with your doctor.

I’m living proof that this awesome weight loss program can help people with illnesses as I have an autoimmune disease, and am much healthier following the weight loss tips we give you along your journey. I have personally lost 32kg so far and have maintained this weight for over 12 months and I have also reduced my prescription drugs and my bloodwork shows how much healthier I am now. You are not required to attend any weight loss clinics but you do have your own personal Mentor to help you on your journey with you each and every day.  I know how you feel, I was like you until I found this weight loss program Ph@tt.

Weight loss and Living with an Illness
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Weight loss and Living with an Illness
I was overweight and living on heaps of medication until I found this weight loss program Ph@tt. There are many weight loss programs but I'm proof that following the Ph@tt weight loss program will get you your health back.
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Phatt Jilly
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