Be the person you want to be!


I had never imagined this program would literally give me my life back!!  I have a very rare autoimmune disease and thought that this was to be the rest of my life.  I am disabled, so the no exercise part of the program suited me as well.  I was highly medicated on many drugs to “help” with many many conditions I was suffering.

I started the program to lose weight of course, but just had no idea how the health benefits would override on my general wellbeing. Once I started healing my gut I noticed huge changes to my health and was able to drop medication, and feel so much healthier by doing so.

My Proffessors and specialists were still monitoring me with my bloodwork and were very impressed on how much healthier it was showing every month.

I have lost 32 kgs to date.

Thanks to this wonderful program I now have my life back and feel fantastic.  I am very passionate  now helping others to feel as good as I do and Mentor many hundreds to better health and weight loss. All Thanks to PH@TT!!


Started when I was at my wits end, I was miserable and in so much pain in June 2017. In a matter of weeks my life changed for the better. My weight dropped steadily and I learnt what my body really needed to function properly. As my gut healed my energy increased, my thoughts became clearer, my pain levels reduced and my emotions were less like a roller coaster. Now I actually get to have quality time playing with my kids and enjoying life instead of being stuck in bed feeling like life was passing me by. Thanks Ph@tt Jilly.


So this morning i jumped on the scales. And guess what….. im 59.4kgs down and am now on my app its saying im “normal” not overweight, not obese, not obese 1 and not obese 11, just normal ? I have to thank all the people who has supported me through my journey. I have met so many friends through this program, its ph@ttastic ? My health benefits have been amazing as well, I feel so happy and coping with life and my confidence has grown so much.

I have lost 59kgs since May 2017


 – Belinda

Thanks to PH@TT i have lost 32 kilos in 6 months. Still a bit to go but I feel amazing because i have repaired my gut.This is not a fad diet it’s a lifestyle change that teaches you how to keep the weight off.

– Branx


Thanks to Jill I started on my Ph@tt program late February 2018 and have lost 14 kilos forever. I’m happier, healthier . Can now walk and even run up steps, which I couldn’t do before. I have so much energy and just feel great and much healthier. Never thought I’d ever feel this great in my 50’s.


My PH@TT Story

I began my PH@TT journey on April 4th, 2017.

After seeing Jill’s transformation on the program, (I’d known her for over 30 years) I was sold and began the program after returning from an overseas holiday.

I had lived basically the first 50 years of my life never worrying about what I ate or drank-I never needed to. I was always tall and slim and never gained. Once I hit 50 things began to change.

My excuse for putting weight on? I’d gone through menopause and quit smoking and well, getting bigger was just what happened, wasn’t it?

I have now lost 20kg, all lost around another overseas trip and 2 weddings. My doctor is stoked with my weight loss and improved test results and I’m almost at my finish line! I’ve gone from wearing a size 18 to a 12/14 and I couldn’t be happier. My skin is great, I look like me again and I love how the change in me has inspired many family members and friends to join me.

 – Robyn

After losing my dad, in his early 60’s! It was my wake up call. It took me almost 1 year after he passed, I decided to start and look after myself. I have 2 daughters and 3 grand kids. I really want to see grow up. So when I had seen a post on a buy swap & sell site, I was so skeptical. But omg what can I say.. I was very wrong.