Just a bit of a background about myself before I embarked on my Health and weight loss journey.

I have a rare Auto-Immune Disease, which has left me disabled.

Lesions in my spine, chest and brain and as you can imagine these have affected me in many ways.  Firstly being disabled is my main issue but not the only one I have. So the lesions in my spine have damaged my bladder and the nerves from my waist down. Hence the inability to walk properly. I self-catheter every day, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do to get on with life I say!

I was in a wheelchair for a few years and was very determined that was not an accessory that I wanted to drag around with me!!

So worked very hard doing some rehab in a pool and after 18 months I was upgraded to a Granny Walker, and yes I got a Pink one!! Hey if you have to have an accessory its gotta go with your personality I say.   I got my drivers licence back which was so good as I had my Independence again. But I was still very restricted in what I could do.

Now I was on a massive cocktail of drugs three times per day of 26 different ones!

I was a zombie and all I could do was sit in a chair. I had no concept of time, so it didn’t worry me and I lost 2 years of my life as I have no memory of 2013/14.  How terrible is that??  Just because of these drugs that were supposed to be helping me manage this disease.

Being very dependent on the pain relief of 5 of these drugs as I was suffering debilitating pain for 12-14 hours each day for over 5 years, because of the nerve damage to my legs.

I remember screaming in pain for this duration trying to get relief. I would also scream into a pillow so people wouldn’t think I was being killed!!  I would try and walk-well struggle to stand to help alleviate this pain. I have had 5 children and have a very high pain threshold so this pain was so debilitating and ruled my life for all this time. It left me feeling exhausted, fatigued, and of course lonely.

Also I got many side effects on being on so many drugs that were supposed to help me. I put on 45 kgs in a few months from one drug and it also gave me severe Osteoporosis as well. So now I have 14 back fractures and bulging discs as well to deal with.  So being a shorty and with all this extra weight put a huge strain on my body. And my life was affected by all these drugs!! Instead of them helping me, so the medical teams kept telling me.


As sick as I was and as much as my mind was so affected and cloudy and hard to make any decisions on my own, I knew deep down that it was up to me to STOP this vicious cycle NOW!

Deep down i found some strength and the support from my husband I started a weight loss program called PH@TT- Putting Health at The Top. Little did I know that by taking this step to helping myself would change my life forever.

I followed the program and during the first week – Yes I started losing weight but what I didn’t expect was that I was starting to feel the best I had for years, and to top it off after day 6 I didn’t feel the need for the pain meds I was so drugged up with.

Next day I felt better and it continued until I started to take myself off these drugs.  Wow my pain was subsiding whilst I was following this amazing PH@TT program. And because the program is designed to help our guthealth my Inflammation levels were dropping, by cutting out sugars and hence this helped my pain levels drop as well!!

Every day was a new day to my life and I embraced it as I was starting to feel like a caterpillar coming out of a long-awaited cocoon and I was emerging into better health and a clearer mind.  I started my reduction of these drugs and got myself down to just 3 of them daily. To say I felt like a new woman was a total understatement. I was given my life back!!

I’m so ever grateful for discovering this PH@TT program which is not a diet but a Lifestyle program which I will be following for life now.  I am so very grateful to have my life back and am so grateful that it was so easy to do.

Oh yes, I did lose weight too so far 32kgs gone to the Universe , which I have maintained this loss for over 14 months now. I am on a mission to lose the last 20kg to get back down to my healthy weight range and know I can achieve this as this program is so supportive with your own mentor.

I have a clear mind now and can function as a normal person now. I am very passionate at how this Ph@TT program helped me so much that I decided to become a mentor to help others and have had many successes that brings tears to my eyes helping others change their lives as well. And so easily as well.

The best part is I don’t spend the $480+ at the Chemist each month on prescription drugs!!    I am more than happy to keep taking the natural supplements that have given me my life back and allowed me to be the mother and grandmother that I should be.

Thank you to PH@TT for giving me this opportunity to reinvent myself to helping others and be their Health Mentor to success.

How many of you can say how much you love your job-as I certainly do!!   Maybe I was meant to go through all of this to find my real passion to help others.

If you would love to contact me please do so I am always here to help you achieve the best you can be.

phatt jilly