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Example Day



On the program, you will need to eat 3 regular meals. These consist of protein and vegetables. What you precisely eat varies according to the stage you are currently on – there are 3 stages and each one has slight variances in the food and combinations that you eat.

There is a program tailored to vegetarians so if you don’t eat meat, this is for you.

Both programs have a comprehensive menu and meal plan that you can follow.

If there are certain foods that you don’t like or need to avoid, your mentor will work closely with you to create an eating plan that suits you.

As well as the meal plans and menus, you will be added to some amazing Facebook groups that are dedicated to recipe and meal ideas for anyone on the PH@TT program – you will never run out of inspiration.



We know that eating regularly helps to regulate our blood sugar and so snacks are included in the program. You are encouraged to consume these to curb your appetite and ensure you have adequate energy.

The snacks predominantly consist of specific fruits – the snacks may vary if you are on maintenance.

It is important that you only eat the snacks listed on your menu and allowable food lists.

If you feel you are hungry in the initial few days on the program as your body adjusts to a more restricted food intake. We encourage you to drink plenty of water and use specific supplements that target things such as sugar cravings.

It is critical that you do not consume snacks late at night or all in one sitting.



Supplements are an integral part of the PH@TT program. You will be following a modified calorie-controlled plan and the supplements will ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition during this time.

Some supplements have been included as they assist in repair and balance of the gut whereas others are targeted at helping you as you adjust your eating. This includes supplements specifically for sugar and carb cravings.

You need to take the supplements as directed as this ensures they provide you with maximum benefit.

Once you start the program you are given simple instructions that details how you need to take your supplements throughout the day.

As with all aspects of the program, you have your own mentor and if you have any questions or concerns, they are there to help.

Your mentor may also recommend specific supplements that will assist you with any health concerns you may have also.



Adjusting your drinking habits can often be a bigger changing than changing the way you eat.

Many people eat not because they are hungry but because they are thirsty and they no longer recognise these cues.

The PH@TT program focuses on consuming 3 litres of water per day. This sounds like a lot but it is key to your weight loss as water will fill you up if you are hungry and helps flush your body. Being adequately hydrated also assists many areas of your body, including your gut, in functioning better.

You are not able to consume any sugary drinks, including any diet drinks (that will completely stimulate your body’s craving for sugar). During the program, you are also asked to commit to no alcohol. There are so many benefits to not drinking – the first is not consuming all those empty calories but alcohol is incredibly hard on your gut and liver and removing this allows it to improve function.

You can drink tea and coffee but we only allow 1 tablespoon of milk per day so this may restrict your intake. We also recommend you limit coffee to 2 per day. Herbal teas offer a great alternative as well.